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2021 Trends: Interior Environments

When our team looks ahead to 2021, we predict interior spaces that are meditative, flexible, just like home, community building, and technology rich.

Retail Drop Triggers Healthcare Rise

D2 Project Manager, Nick Price, shares the major considerations, benefits, and challenges of a retail-to-healthcare conversion for both the healthcare system and the local community.

The Future of Patient X

How will new, pandemic driven patient expectations drive the future of patient experience? We hosted an internal round table with D2’s Healthcare experts to find out.

Stay Positive and Productive while WFH

Is the WFH honeymoon over? Has 2020’s productivity led to 2021 burnout? Here, our team shares their best advice for bringing back your vigor and working smart.

Panel Choice: Tilt-wall? Or Insulated Pre-Cast?

Tilt-wall or insulated pre-cast? Oh, the everlasting debate. Bryan Clemons, our resident Industrial expert, shares his thoughts on the subject.

The New Workplace: A Reimagined Future

We have an unprecedented opportunity to reimagine the future purpose of the workplace. We hosted an internal round table with some of D2’s workplace experts to discuss the possibilities for the new workplace.