Embracing Change

  • Date 06.25.2020

D2’s history has been one of remarkable change. Founded on the idea that we have no bounds,
we are always adjusting our perspectives and challenging our norms.

Our studio has continued to learn and adapt. We’ve grown in numbers, diversified our services, and
expanded our expertise. Looking around our studio we see individual expression and collective
learning, focused enthusiasm and shared laughter, fearless imagination and practiced practicality.
Our new brand embodies who we’ve become in strength, ingenuity and spirit.

We are a unified studio sharing the belief that design is not a luxury – it’s a strategic advantage.
As a community of designers, thinkers and challengers, D2 embraces the changes ahead and is
excited to help shape the experiences and environments we share together.

A New Identity

Design is both a process and a product. Our name is derived from our ability to find balance between
approach and creation. Our new logo is a nod to D2’s curious side. We believe in the linear process
but embrace the curves between the lines where good ideas develop into something truly spectacular.