Welcome [Back] to the D2 Studio!

  • Date 04.06.2022

  • Team Nicole Belletti, James Fisher, Karen Loveland- Pascucci, Loula Richart

At D2, we’ve been lucky to reunite with some of our favorite teammates over the years. Now, especially, is a time when so many are evaluating how they might live a purposeful life that brings them happiness and supports their individual wellbeing. Whether it be the people, the flexibility, or the opportunities for growth in our studio, we are thrilled that D2 can be even a small part of creating a balanced lifestyle for our teammates. What do we love here? Our culture, good design, and happy people. Read on to hear from some of our ‘boomerang’ employees about why they chose D2…and why you should too.

Nicole Belletti, Project Designer

What brought you back to D2? After experiencing a larger downtown firm with numerous offices and thousands of employees, I quickly realized that a small or mid-size firm was much more my speed. D2 is big enough to have fun projects, but small enough that you know every single person in the office, there are so many opportunities for advancement, and the culture is huge. D2 feels so family oriented, both in that they respect your personal life and your family time AND in that it feels like a big family where we often maintain friendships with colleagues outside of work. We regularly have lunch together, go to happy hours or send each other constant memes and TikToks and I HUGELY missed that when I worked elsewhere. Being in the suburbs also offered better opportunities for a younger person like myself that wanted to buy a home and start a family outside the hustle and bustle of the city.

If your family asked you about your experience at D2, what would you say? I would definitely say that it’s unique! There are few firms out there where young designers are afforded the opportunity to take on projects on their own or can walk right up to the owner of the company with ideas on how to improve. My experience has been one of being taken seriously and being given constant opportunities to learn and advance my career.

If a friend was considering joining D2, what would you tell them? I’d tell them to grab a beer and join the team! If they have good vibes, like a mix of project types, then they’ll probably be a great fit!


Karen Loveland-Pascucci, Senior Project Manager 

What brought you back to D2? The people. D2 has an exceptional group of professionals that make the workplace exciting. The inspiration and collaboration in teamwork to design cool and exciting spaces is a draw for creativity. The atmosphere in the office is lively with amazing talent.  I wake up every morning excited to come to work. I also have a huge appreciation for how well-run and efficient the processes are.

If a friend was considering joining D2, what would you tell them? If you have to choose to do something every day, choose something that inspires you. Choose something that feels worthwhile in a place where you are appreciated. D2 checks that box. The studio is a flexible environment that encourages the evolution of the process in which we work to be more efficient, technology infused, and to facilitate big ideas.


James Fisher, Project Architect 

What is your favorite thing about D2? I truly enjoy working with my team here. The people, the culture, and the projects! Plus, the expanse of windows looking out into the woods – it’s a cool environment.

If your family asked you about your experience at D2, what would you say? I would say that D2 is a great place to work- that something very unique is going on here.


Loula Richart, Project Designer 

What brought you back to D2? A large mix of things! With D2, I have been exposed to different projects and have worked in all phases of a project which has allowed me to gain experience and to grow within the company. Cross-disciplinary communication has been smooth and makes meeting deadlines on a project easy. The morale of the office is far from corporate and more of a casual, positive environment which makes it easy and fun to come into work – especially when we gather as a group for a thanksgiving dinner or an after hours charrette!

If a friend was considering joining D2, what would you tell them? At D2, the culture is one where you will fit right in. The company is flexible with scheduling and willing to help you establish a work-life balance. There is great exposure to leadership and opportunity to have some type of exposure to mentorship. D2 is very much a collaborative & supportive group. The projects are diverse and soon, once covid allows us to gather, we’ll definitely come up with some fun events.