3 Quarry Ridge

The architectural impact at 3 Quarry Ridge in Malvern, PA is striking. The six-story ground-up built-to-suit project is strategically sited to overlook a natural, expansive quarry lake. The eye-catching staircase breaks the clean structural silhouette and becomes a focal point of the design in the reflection at the water’s edge. D2 incorporated the glass-enclosed, full-height stair to create an active connection between floors and create a space with amazing views. At the bottom of the stair, the lobby spills out onto an outdoor terrace; the landscaping is just as much a part of the architectural design as the building itself. The building was awarded LEED Gold certification based on its energy performance, water efficiency, and use of recycled and local materials. 3 Quarry Ridge is more than just a place to work—it’s a sight to see.

  • Teams Architecture, Interior Design

  • Location Malvern, PA

  • Size 212,500 SF