Confidential Financial Company

D2 recently engaged with two confidential sister financial companies to design their headquarters relocations. Located in the FMC tower in west Philadelphia on separate floors, a major driver for both companies was to maintain a connection via the design aesthetic while showcasing the unique culture and personality of both. The more freshly formed of the two, a creative company that supports local nonprofits with investments, program development, and grantmaking, needed an environment that sparked innovation. Natural light and views are entirely unobscured. Biophilic materials and plants create an environment that is ripe for individual wellbeing. A water wall and reflecting pond beside the main entrance welcomes and offers an ambiance that promotes relaxation and refresh. This workplace – rich with natural elements and met with warm, urban inspired materials and creative installations – is one for the mind, body, and soul.

  • Teams Interior Design, Branding, Engineering

  • Location Philadelphia, PA

  • Size 16,000 SF