A certain duality gives the CubeSmart property in Malvern, PA a one of a kind look and feel. The 86,400 sq ft headquarters of the corporate self-storage chain is split—half office space, half a self-storage facility. D2 designed this build-to-suit headquaters to not only create a high-design destination for local and national employees, but also to showcase their product and service in a unique way. Half the building meets the complete needs of a corporate office space, and half meets all of the needs of a fully-equipped storage center open to the public, including a loading dock and freight elevator with greater weight capacity. One of the signature qualities of the building is the showcasing of the juxtaposition of office space to storage facility—from the road, you can see CubeSmart’s classic red-doored storage lockers on the right and glistening, modern office space on the left. Two very different spaces truly complement one another—in both design and function—to make CubeSmart headquarters a truly unique place to come to work.

  • Teams Architecture, Interior Design, Branding

  • Location Malvern, PA

  • Size 86,400 SF