Full Circle

The team at Upspace continues its quest to promote health, happiness, and love through its launch of Full Circle. As their community deepens and connects via the Upspace App, Full Circle provides free events centered around fitness and wellness where users can meet face-to-face. It truly delivers the social in social media, bringing the experience (eh-hem) full circle.

True to Upspace’s personality, these events aren’t just for socialization — they’re a place to put in the hard work! Attendees can sweat together through group workouts, heat up and cool down through sauna and cold plunge recovery, and recharge through guided breathwork.

This spunky new identity is adaptable enough to match Full Circle rep-for-rep as it grows nationally and compliments its workout buddy brand, Upspace.

Currently hosted in New York City, Austin, Denver, and SoCal, Full Circle reaches coast-to-coast. Check out their site to find an event near you!


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