MarginEdge, a leading restaurant management software company, teamed up with D2 to reinvent their workspace. The goal? Align with their hybrid workplace strategy and offer an unforgettable brand experience. Deeply rooted in MarginEdge’s culture, the space encourages a meaningful connection between the company, its employees, and visitors. The aesthetics go beyond ‘cool’; they bring the company’s ethos to life in a tangible environment. Local artist murals and client-named conference rooms are vivid expressions of the brand, crafting a lasting, immersive experience for employees, whether they’re in the office or working remotely.

In a nod to their clientele, the design mirrors a restaurant ambiance, complete with diverse seating options. The space is intended to stoke curiosity, invite exploration, and provide a surprise at every turn. From the dark allure of the elevator lobby to the sun-drenched tropical garden and into a restaurant-esque lunchroom, the journey through the office is as engaging as it is authentic. Every zone within the workspace has been inspired by the hospitality industry, setting the stage for an elevated work experience.

Adaptable by design, the workspace strategy offers employees flexibility and choice. Moveable workstation clusters, user-defined spaces, and a variety of settings ensure an empowering environment, ready for future evolution. A focus on wellbeing is evident throughout, with stress-reducing natural light, biophilic elements, and an array of curated plantings. MarginEdge’s reinvented workspace is more than an office – it’s a destination that unites diverse work styles into a thriving community, encourages collaboration, facilitates mobility, and creates an enduring connection to the company’s brand and values.

  • Teams Interior Design

  • Location Arlington, VA

  • SF 19,637 SF