NewLane Finance

NewLane challenged D2 to design a recruiting engine to propel the firm’s growth from a 2-person subsidiary at project onset to a bustling 150-employee company by its end. The design team led a process focused on bringing out NewLane’s brand shape and personality along with deep strategy exploration to define a structure that would best support and exemplify the robust team NewLane was trying to build. The ‘Living Room’ – affectionately dubbed by the NewLane team – is also the first impression. Bridging two fast-paced, sales-oriented office wings, the room invites fully mobile teams to collaborate, work in the library, decompress in the game room, attend an all-hands address, or grab a coffee. Perhaps most importantly, for NewLane’s aggressive growth targets, this is a first impression that captivates.

  • Teams Interior Design, Branding, Engineering

  • Location Philadelphia, PA

  • Size 22,000 SF