PDC Machines

PDC turned to D2 for a 180,000 square foot warehouse conversion which will become the clean energy company’s corporate headquarters and central manufacturing facility. The building supports the operation of a cutting-edge technology, which uses hydrogen gas compression to produce zero-emission fuel cells — eliminating reliance on gasoline engines.

As a company that is growing exponentially, PDC needs a gripping first impression for the recruitment and retention of employees and their client base. A soaring grand entrance will include a monumental stair, a saturation of natural light and an eclectic mix of materials and textures that blend industrial elements with those that intimate innovation.

To accommodate PDC’s expansion, two mezzanines with a 16’ clear height and access elevators provide an additional 24,000 square feet to the building. The expansion of the manufacturing design includes a 8,500 square foot testing room, allowing PDC to test their hydrogen equipment in house. High levels of testing require high electrical loads, prompting D2’s engineers to provide an electrical study with the potential to upgrade the facility to a 10,000A high-tension service.

With equality at the heart of PDC Machine’s values, the workspace will connect to the manufacturing area and testing room seamlessly and transparently. Environmental branding will elicit invention and creativity and support company culture. Amenities, including a fitness center, prayer room, town hall space, lunchrooms and training rooms, will further encourage a blend of individuality, diversity and collaboration.

When complete, the new, world-class facility will offer an experience that reflects clean energy thinking, inspires innovation, and tells the PDC story.

  • Teams Architecture, Interior Design, Engineering

  • Location Souderton, PA