Temple University Diamond Club

Notorious for their voracious appetites, college students require a village to keep their minds and bellies full. At the Diamond Club, Temple University honors their staff, faculty, and alumni’s hard-work with an upscale dining experience in the heart of campus. Relocated to Johnson & Hardwich Hall, the Diamond Club now neighbors the student dining facility. Its proximity to campus life keeps guests plugged into the action, while providing them a peaceful oasis in which to fill up and recharge.

To differentiate the entrance from the student dining hall, D2 upgraded the existing aluminum facade, blanketing it in cherry-red for stunning visibility. A new staircase and ramp leads guests into the moody and sleek interior. In the daylight, large panels of glass allow natural light inside, revealing a fresh mix of neutral wood tones and saturated accents for a space that is as cozy as it is refined. At night, the soft glow of upgraded lighting illuminates from within, inviting guests to come in and take a seat.

Taking care of their own, Temple’s Diamond Club is now the perfect nesting spot for Owls with an appetite.

  • Teams Architecture, Interior Design

  • Location Philadelphia, PA

  • SF 4,000 SF