The LYCRA Company

The LYCRA Company, originally a Dupont textile spinoff, engaged D2 to design their first home with a story that weaves a deep-rooted history and a new brand identity.

A complex network of contrasting design elements stitches this story together at the new office in Wilmington, DE. Rich with texture and variety in materials, the space has a ripe, start-up vibe while honoring the repute of a company with a tried and true product.

Taking inspiration from the portfolio of LYCRA® fiber products, design elements are woven, layered, and soft.  Patterned carpet tiles emulate strands of fiber. Sliding fabric panels designate huddle areas from the open office. Built elements, like the rounded corridors, the semi-circular booths in the lunchroom, and sloping applications of window vinyl imitate the curves and soft edges of fabric.

The balance of curvature against sleek surfaces and rigid lines is a motif throughout the space. Upon arrival a wall of wood planks are organically layered to create a wave topography taking cues from the new company logo. Deeper into the space a crisp gradient of metallic, colored glass stands as the backdrop for the open areas.

The design blends traditional with new in many ways. Three-sided – or “relaxed” – offices are open to workstations to promote collaboration among senior and junior members of the team. They are defined by screens of wood and glass, rather than walls, blurring lines and reducing traditional hierarchy, while not eliminating it altogether. Mid-century modern furniture along with various-toned wood features bring in the maturity of a well-established design aesthetic, while logo-heavy environmental graphics and pops of new brand colors help establish Lycra’s new identity.

The LYCRA Company’s new home is fresh, yet familiar—warm and laid-back, but all grown up.

  • Teams Interior Design, Branding, Engineering

  • Location Wilmington, DE

  • Size 25,000 SF