D2 Welcomes Alanood Alnowaiser to the team!

Warm welcome to Alanood, the newest addition to the interiors studio!

Alanood is a recent graduate from Thomas Jefferson University where she received her MA in Interior Architecture. Previously, she attended King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where she earned her BFA in Interior Design. Design is simply in her blood – both her mother and grandmother practice interior design and have gifted Alanood with the experience of meaningful design, environmental psychology, and design thinking from a very young age.

In Saudi Arabia, Alanood participated in a 9-week internship at Grid Design Office where she was able to lead the design of some of the firms small scale projects. She has been published in Thomas Jefferson Universities digital SPACEWORK and is currently being featured in the University’s international campaign of graduate programs for The College of Architecture and the Built Environment!

“I love D2’s philosophy that a collaborative and diverse team brings the most energy and the best results.

As someone who is relatively new to the industry, I am excited to lean into, and lean on, the expertise here in the studio.”

Alanood ‘s philosophy of “patience, commitment, and perseverance” are inherent in her portfolio of work –which is detailed, sophisticated, and mature. We are thrilled to have her on the team and excited to watch her grow!

Outside of work, Alanood enjoys traveling and exploring new destinations and flexing her creative muscles through the arts of photography and sketching.

Welcome to the studio, Alanood!


Check out Alanood’s profile here