Sidelines: Jaime Hammond

  • Date 08.19.21

Our ‘Sidelines’ series features our talented team and the endeavors they are loving outside of our shared trade. We are in an industry where we continually create and recreate – needless to say, it’s creative! Still, we value and recognize the importance of the pause, the mastery, the fieriness, and the incredible outcomes of our team’s personal pursuits. That energy and spirit inspires us and keeps the heat up in the studio.

What better way to celebrate #WorldPhotographyDay than to meet Jaime Hammond, world traveler and documenter of all things beautiful. Jaime, a Senior Project Designer in our Interior Design studio, has taken many solo trips – her camera her only company – giving her the space to capture some of the most remote and pristine landscapes on the globe. Let’s get into it…

What came first – travel or photography? Although the content wasn’t great, photography came first. I started taking photos on disposable cameras when I was a little kid, and finally got one of those old school point-and-shoot digital cameras when I was in high school. I carried that thing around with me everywhere!

Once I graduated college I started travelling, and when I say travelling, I mean going on solo trips to National Parks and camping kind of travelling. I didn’t have a camera at the time, so I started shooting from my phone. I fell in love with the wild, which eventually brought me to Alaska. I knew that I would regret it majorly if I didn’t bring a camera on the trip, so I bought a Sony and rigged her up to carry with me on hikes. I just started taking shots of everything breathtaking, and before I knew it, I had thousands of photos at the end of my first trip.

What is your favorite destination? Alaska! That answer is no surprise to most people who know me, I have developed a mild obsession. I visited 3 times in the past year…does that mean I’m majorly obsessed? I fell in love with the freedom and rugged beauty of the untouched landscape and wildlife. Plus, there are SO many mountains to climb!

Any advice for travelers and photographers alike? Bring your camera with you everywhere…even if it makes you look like a tourist. Who cares! You can get amazing shots from an unexpected experience.

Where are you going next? To Africa! I just upgraded my camera and got all the gear necessary to take photos of Wild Serengeti next year. I grew up watching NatGeo and loved learning all about the diverse animals that live there. I am beyond stoked to photograph the wildlife that I grew up learning about.

What is your dream destination and where would you set up for your perfect shot? Norway! I had plans to visit last year and have been dying to go for years. My dream destination is sitting on top of a lookout in Geirangerfjord and taking a shot overlooking the unfathomable fjords below.

What is your big ‘picture’ goal? I am still very green at the photography thing. I’ve been taking pictures my whole life but just learned the essentials of photography and how to use editing software a few months ago. There’s a big difference! I am no pro, but I do absolutely love photographing my adventures and sharing with whoever wants to follow along.

I started learning from and following several nature photographers on Instagram and realized that I wanted to be a part of that community. So, I went out on a limb and started posting my stuff. I am excited for whatever path it takes me on – who knows where it will go!

Check out more of Jaime’s work on Instagram @jaime_l_hammond

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