Introducing D2’s Studio Directors

Evolution and growth have been a pivotal focus of our studio’s strategy since day one. So naturally, we love celebrating our team as they continue to rise in stride with D2. In our latest example of excellence, we are overjoyed to welcome Tony Palomba and David Seace into their new roles as Studio Directors, joining Steve Spellman as part of our leadership team. Their contributions to D2 will continue to accelerate our holistic success, scale with our growth, and fortify the advancement of new and existing client relationships.

Teetering on our twenty-year anniversary, managing members John Schwartz, Joan Scott, and Geoff Dickey have overseen the expansion of D2 for nearly two decades. Moving forward, the trio’s aim is to “focus on strategic ideation, planning, and implementation of new and long-term business strategies”, Joan explains. As such, our Studio Directors will take charge of managing day-to-day operations within the design studios. Their roles include providing executive project direction, business development, and career development throughout the firm.

Studio Director, Steve Spellman, was hired to launch the MEP Engineering discipline in 2018 and is now leading a rapidly growing studio of eight engineers! “Steve was the perfect fit for the D2 team. He came to us with a similar personality and mindset toward customer service and internal culture building.”, says John. As an integral guide within our firm, Steve consults the Architecture and Interior Design teams on many of D2’s most challenging builds and has been integral in growing the firm’s presence in the Life Sciences and Healthcare markets. Now, with David Seace directing Architecture and Tony Palomba directing Interior Design, the cohesion between disciplines will strengthen exponentially.

Having David and Tony step into their new roles as Studio Directors will provide our teams with the focused daily attention, guidance and mentorship necessary to take D2 to the next level. 

John Schwartz

A perennial team player, David is a natural fit to keep morale high and focused. “David has a unique ability to immediately develop trust with both our clients and our staff.” John Schwartz notes. “As our Architecture studio continues to grow and evolve, we are confident that (he) will ensure we continue to deliver quality, thoughtful projects to our clients”. David expects the same of himself, adding that his focus is to “help maintain consistency across the studio, in turn ensuring the high level of quality that our clients expect from D2.”

In the Interior Design studio, Tony will be leading the discipline he helped conceive upon D2’s founding. “Tony is extremely respected in our industry. His knowledge and ability to champion our clients, teammates, and consultants through very complex projects is unmatched”, raves John. With three decades of experience, Tony shares his hopes to “better understand the individuals within the group to provide guidance and knowledge for their professional development” – in turn, maximizing the capabilities of the team and the service we provide.

Together, with John, Joan and Geoff, our Studio Directors will help define the future of D2, our clients, and our team. As D2 reaches its 20-year anniversary in early 2024, the new studio structure will allow the firm to remain a strong market leader, reinforce our existing services, and continue to pursue expansion and market diversification into the future.