Employee Spotlight: Rob Unterwald

A lot of effort goes into making our spaces look their best. When the final presentation is unveiled, one of the most overlooked components is installation. And oddly enough, we like it that way! Behind the scenes at D2, Rob Unterwald is the maestro who makes sure no detail — or frame — goes askew. Even the slightest blemish can stick out like a sore thumb, making Rob’s keen eye and craft vital to the success of our studio.

Rob’s childhood passions were the perfect primer for his life ahead. As a youngster in New Jersey, he spent his days split between the arts — drawing and singing — and using his hands mechanically to tinker with his bike or help his dad with family car maintenance. His interests were a natural fit for the scouts, and Rob eventually reached the achievement of becoming an Eagle Scout in high school. It was around the same age that he enrolled in a commercial arts program that transitioned his daily hobbies into a career journey. “That was the spark that let me see how much I loved art and the power it has,” he remembers.

Brimming with ambition, Rob hopped across state lines to Philadelphia for college, soaking in the rich art culture the local area had to offer. After graduating with a BA in Graphic Design, he sampled careers at several firms, including a print shop, a signage company, and a trade-show firm. “I was able to implement my graphics knowledge and learn a little about architecture which was also a fascination of mine,” he says.

His robust background in combining design, architecture, and trade sets Rob apart and allows him to approach each project from a designer’s perspective. Combined with his uncanny ability to remain calm under pressure, he landed at D2 as a perfect fit.

But it’s not all work, no play. Rob’s interests outside the office satiate his childhood itch for curiosity. He enjoys an eclectic mix of activities like flying drones, leather working, sewing, golf, skiing, and travel — specifically via cruise ship. “Over the last six years, I have been fortunate to be able to travel and see the world with my boyfriend Ryan. On our journeys, I am always taken aback by all the new and old-world art and architectural details. Even the ships are intricate and inspiring.”

On solid land, Rob has spent the past two years flexing his trade muscles at home, renovating and adding to his dwelling. “I’ve done all the work myself from pulling permits to demo, electrical, and plumbing. I’m finally down to the home stretch”, he explains. “When I take a step back and look at my life in wholistically…architecture and design, and the precise construction required to bring them to life, have always been and continue to be a major influence in my life.”