675 Mass Timber

Strength. Beauty. Sustainability.

These natural attributes of mass timber construction inspired the brand identity and architectural design of 675. In partnership with Equus Capital Partners, this building is one of the first buildings of its kind proposed for the east coast.

The building is strategically engaged with the edge of its site in an urban approach.  It connects, via a walking path, to a mixed-use development and a trail system linking to miles of nature paths. The design strategy focuses on sustainability – using timber that renews in just two days, maximizing solar gains, and utilizes high efficiency HVAC systems focused on increasing ventilation and indoor air quality. In addition to five stories of office space, the building houses amenities that bridge the interior and exterior, promoting movement with a direct and intentional connection to the outdoors.

In a celebration of material authenticity, an exposed structure weaves patterns along the glass façade, defines the interior, and is accented with raw, blackened steel. The character inherent in the material will provide future tenants with a space brimming with personality, allowing for a fit out that supports and enhances the aesthetic, rather than one that needs to create it. The brand shapes and colors are supported throughout the architectural design. Pulled directly from nature they, like the logo itself, are classic, yet edgy – organic, yet urban. Distinct, natural, and top quality, mass timber construction is the future and 675 is setting a high bar for the region.


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  • Team Architecture, Interior Design, Branding

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  • Size 145,720 SF