The Zodiac Card

Oink! Each year, D2 sends Zodiac cards, celebrating the Lunar New Year, en masse. Pop out and piece together the puzzle, keep it on your desk, and assemble a zoo of D2 greetings.

Sending out a holiday card had become a chore—a futile marketing exercise in one-upmanship to outdo last year’s card. The concept for the Zodiac Card evolved out of strategic simplicity: an on-brand mailer that’s unique but replicable, impactful but recognizable. The aspect of the card that reflects D2’s brand the most is the assembly—designing experiences is at the core of our business.

2017: Rule the Roost! for the year of the rooster

2018: Leave Your Mark! for the year of the dog

2019: Bring Home the Bacon! for the year of the pig*
*Interior Design Magazine Best of Year Award Winner!

2020: Win the Rat Race! for the year of the rat

2021: Ring in the New Year! for the year of the ox

2022: Rise Up to the Challenge! for the year of the tiger

2023: Press Your Luck! for the year of the rabbit

D2 wins ID Mag’s Best of Year award

  • Recognition Interior Design Magazine- Best of Year Award