A Day in the Life at D2

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Want to learn more about what it’s like in the D2 studio? We asked our team what makes D2 a great place to work. Here is what they had to say and the five themes that emerged.


“My favorite thing about D2 is the versatility of being able to do a variety of tasks and having a forward thinking, supportive company that knows employees are their greatest asset! – Project Designer, Interior Design

 “We are encouraged to share our ideas and opinions and are often asked directly for our take. Even as a junior person here there are so many opportunities to contribute to sales, improve operations, and just brainstorm with leadership. In addition to being given a seat at the table it’s a great way to learn about how decisions are made by the senior members of the studio! – Project Designer, Branding

 “There are few firms out there where young designers can walk right up to the owner of the company with ideas on how to improve. My experience has been one of being taken seriously and being given constant opportunities to learn and advance my career.” – Project Designer, Interior Design


“The best thing about working at D2 is the environment. Everyone is friendly, happy to be there, and hard working. The studio is motivated but also knows how to have fun – the balance is perfect!” – Marketing Coordinator

“The people here make work so fulfilling. Everyone is passionate about what we do and there are so many opportunities to get to know each other and have fun – pop tart tasting competitions, sharing happy hour together at the beer fridge, or even grabbing some dinner ingredients from the community garden.” – Project Designer, Architecture

“The morale of the office is far from corporate – it’s more of a casual, positive environment which makes it easy and fun to come into work – especially when we gather as a group for a thanksgiving dinner or an after hour charette! – Project Designer, Interior Design


“My favorite thing about D2 is the work/life balance we are encouraged to have. I can work hard on my Healthcare projects at D2, then go work on my personal healthcare through martial arts. And I feel supported in both!” – Project Designer, Architecture

“I love that I can own my days. With young kids, hobbies, and everything else life brings, it is pretty awesome that I am able to carve out time for myself and for my family. And, most importantly the team here respects and encourages that balance.” – Director, Strategy + Culture

“Project Managers and operating staff do an amazing job of making sure that schedules and teams are coordinated adequately and efficiently. This is greatly important to maintain a healthy relationship with the work that we do and avoid burnout – which, as creatives in this industry, we are not always immune to!” – Project Designer, Architecture


“Even as a recent graduate, D2 has provided me with the opportunity to design, learn, and grow through exposure to a variety of projects with large, collaborative teams made of all levels of experience as well as on-site in the field.” – Project Designer, Interior Design

 “We work fast here, yet everyone is willing to slow down enough to share the ‘why’ behind what we are doing and recognize opportunity for teaching moments. And it’s not just the senior level teaching more junior teammates, even leaders ask to learn more.” –Designer, Engineering

 “With D2, I have been exposed to different projects and have worked in all phases of a project which has allowed me to gain experience and to grow within the company. There is great exposure to leadership and opportunity to have some type of exposure to mentorship.” – Senior Project Designer, Interior Design


“The best part of my workday is having the opportunity to be creative in a diverse team of design professionals. Every project is different with a unique challenge which makes work a constant adventure.” – Electrical Engineer

 “The studio is truly an inspiring place. We get to work with every discipline and, while what I do is tilted toward the creative side, I get to see the strategies employed by our engineers and the details that go into an architectural design idea. The learning is abundant.” – Graphic Designer, Branding

 “D2 has an exceptional group of professionals that make the workplace exciting. The inspiration and collaboration in teamwork to design cool and exciting spaces is a draw for creativity. I also have a huge appreciation for how well-run and efficient the processes are.” – Project Manager, Interior Design

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